Posted by: Barb | July 28, 2013

Abigail’s tooth

For a few weeks now she’s had a loose tooth. Well, today, after much wiggling she pulled it out! ICK! She’s so proud. Can’t stop smiling.  Of course Gregory is SO jealous! He SO wants to loose a tooth…  it will come.

Posted by: Barb | June 7, 2013

last day of kindergarten

Today was the last day of Kindergarten. It was emotional. Abigail started crying as we were getting in the car, saying she would miss Ms. Mary (the BEST Kindergarten teacher EVER!) By the time we dropped them off, she was doing fine. We came back for a ceremony of sorts. Their teacher had put together a slide show from the beginning of school. They all looked so much littler, shorter and younger! It’s amazing what a school year can do for a kid.  Here are some photos of their first day… ImageImageImageHere are some from todayImageImageImageThey look different… right? I just can’t say enough about their AWESOME teacher… She’s taught them so much, things I didn’t even do in Kindergarten: reading, writing, math, spelling (sort of) awesome songs, and how to get along better with friends.  They’ve made great friends, and had such fun. 

While I will miss my “free” (grocery shopping, errands…) time, and the few minutes spent in adult conversation at drop off and pick up, I WON’T miss the hectic morning schedule… 

Happy summer everyone!

Posted by: Barb | April 18, 2013

more updates

A week after our eventful trip to Bear Valley, I had an appointment with an orthopedic dr. He told me my MCL was torn and I would need a brace, crutches and got a temporary handicap placard.  Didn’t like the brace or crutches, like the placard.  I’m now out of the brace and off the crutches.  I only use the placard when I know I’m going to be walking a lot, or when there is no other parking. 

Spring break came and went.  The first part wasn’t all that great due to crabby kids. They spent a lot of time in their rooms. The last part was much better. We went to Happy Hollow, a little kids amusement park and zoo. We went to 2 birthday parties. The weather was wild! It was SO windy that our trumpet vine that is on trellis by our front door came down.  Yes, the wind was strong enough that it blew down this LARGE vine.  While it was down, we found that the people who had put it back up after tenting the place had used a TOTAL of 2 screws and 2 nails. We are talking about a 10X12 foot vine being kept up by almost nothing. Well, we talked to my cousin, he gave us a recommendation. The guy got a crew out and they put the darn thing back up within a day.  Now three strong posts are sunk into concrete and the trellis is bolted onto the posts.  I don’t think anything is taking this down!

Posted by: Barb | March 4, 2013

an eventful trip to Bear Valley

Our second trip to Bear Valley was much more eventful than our first in a number of ways… not all good. But let’s start with the good ones: Gregory made it to the Panda class in ski school.  Now he and Abigail are in the same class.  Don worked with him a bunch before class to get his wedge stop down and that seemed to do the trick.  Gregory wanted to stay up there longer and ski again.  A vast change from last time, when he couldn’t wait to come home.  The kids played in falling snow the last day we were there.  It was so cute.  They woke me up around 6:50 telling me that snow was falling. We put on their coats and snow boots and let them go out in their jamies.  It was just a dusting, but they had fun.  By the time we were packing up, it was falling harder, so they put on their boots again, and played again.  This time they were dressed to go home, so they couldn’t get too wet.

Now on to the not so fun part of our trip.  While the kids were in ski school, Don and I went down 1 1/2 runs.  Why only 1 1/2?  Because on the second run down, I fell… HARD! One ski popped off, the other didn’t…BAD SKI! After contemplating the situation, I decided that there was no way I was making it down by myself.  Ski patrol was called.  Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be sledded down a hill?  I now know.  It’s like a bobsled/ luge ride.  I was bundled up, and away we went.  Bob , the driver, took off like it was no big deal.  While I don’t wish this on anyone, it was a quick ride down.  I ended up in the first aid station for a bit with ice on my left knee. Don went and brought the kids in from ski school, they wanted to make sure I was ok.  Then off to return gear and such. This all happened on Friday, our first whole day there.  On Saturday the kids and Don went sledding, i stayed back at the condo. BORING!  But hey, I got a nap and some quiet time.  Just not quite the way I wanted it to happen. We came home on Sunday and i have an appointment with a doctor for Thursday to see what’s what. I don’t think it’s too bad, but i still limp a lot, and am in a bit of pain.  I do plan on going back up next year and conquering that darn run!

Posted by: Barb | February 22, 2013

Let there be music

For those of you who didn’t catch Don’s blog on facebook, and weren’t around our house at about 7:20 Thursday night, we got a piano! I’ve wanted a piano for ages, but they are WAY expensive, usually.  On Wednesday night my mom called saying her church was getting a new piano and wondered if we wanted their old one, for a really good price. She sent us pictures and it looked fine, so we said yes.  All day Thursday we waited for the piano to arrive.. and waited, and waited.  Finally at 6:15 we get a call from the piano movers, they would be here in an hour.  They kids were SO excited! they were bouncing and jumping around. I doubt if the piano movers have ever had a more enthusiastic welcome. Once the piano was in place, and mom got to play it, the kids got to play.  They tried every key and pedal. They had fun.  I’m THRILLED! Now if I can only remember how to play…

Posted by: Don | January 5, 2013

A busy Barb

It’s been a crazy, busy month or so here in Marselle Country.  We had Christmas, just like everyone else.  Spent Christmas eve at my cousins, with 25 or so family members.  Except for a little adult family drama, it was a nice time. Christmas morning was here at the house.  My mom, sister, brother and sister-in-law (sister #2) came over.  Pile of presents ripped into by kids.  Lots of fun, food and family.  The day after Christmas we opened MORE presents, this time from Dons family.  Lots of wrapping paper and TAPE!  Then some down time.  Time to play with new toys, argue over new toys and have fun.  Lots of indoor time due to cruddy weather.

Celebrated New Years with friends and, unfortunately, many fireworks.  What is it about this area that uses ANY excuse to shoot off fireworks? It made for a long night.  Fortunately we had friends coming over the next day to go to the Monterey Aquarium.  An annual trip.  Lots of fun and walking.  First year without the stroller, so we had to carry EVERYTHING!  Made for light packing.

Speaking of packing… the next day we headed to Bear Valley to introduce the kids to snow and skiing.  They loved the snow, but the skiing…. Abigail did better than Gregory, but I think with a tiny bit of work he could do really well.  She usually does things better at first, then he catches on and flies past her.  I can so see him in a year or so cruising down the hill. We put them in ski school and went to hit the slopes for the first time in 6 years.  I was a bit apprehensive, but did ok.  I only had time for 2 runs, and both were beginner, but it was more skiing than I had done in 6 years. By the end my knees were killing me!  We went sledding.  The kids had tons of fun, despite a few falls.  Don and I only went down 2 times, but it was fun.  Found out you really can’t steer those things!  EEEK!  With lots of effort we made a tiny snowman, and had a snowball fight.  overall we had fun.  Looking forward to going again.  

Now we are getting ready to go back to school.  While I will enjoy the time away from the kids (who I love dearly) I will NOT enjoy getting up and the chaos of weekday mornings.


Posted by: Barb | December 9, 2012


Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve written.  So sue me!  I don’t think many people read this anyways, face book is so much more “hip”.  Way back in October there was Halloween!  Abigail went as the rainbow princess.  Gregory was “Jake” as in Jake and the neverland pirates.  Both were cute.  Both got to go in their first school parade. WAY cute.

Abigail became a Daisy Scout, and I became a co-leader. It was TONS of work getting the troop up and running, but I’m hoping that now that all the paperwork is done we can start having fun!  She also did her first dance recital.  Also, way cute.  12 little girls all in tutu’s and tap shoes dancing around, sort of in time with the music. A big month for Abigail.

Gregory learned how to whistle.  I know it doesn’t quite seem as thrilling as becoming a scout or dancer, but he’s thrilled!

They both are now reading on their own…sort of.  They read REALLY easy phonics readers.  Their favorite, Biscuit books.  I HATE/LOVE them.  They are insipid, but the kids can read them by themselves… It’s thrilling to watch them read and listen to them sound out the words.

Posted by: Barb | October 23, 2012

conversation between Don and Abigail

“Daddy, do fairies hide?”

“I guess so, why?”

“Do fairies hide when they fart?”

“I guess so.”  says Don trying very hard not to laugh!

Posted by: Barb | September 29, 2012

Lights out!

Around 1:00 this morning the power went out.  About 2 Abigail woke up crying, which woke Gregory, which woke Don and finally me… I guess I really needed sleep.  It’s kind of wild how DARK a house is without any light on.  No alarm clocks, no night lights, no nothing!  We wandered around with flash lights trying to figure out if it was just us or the neighborhood.  It was the entire neighborhood.  WAY DARK outside.  We finally got Abigail settled, Gregory just fell back asleep. I asked Don to call PG&E and within minutes the power went back on… Our first power outage at this house…

Posted by: Barb | September 25, 2012

We have to have more parties…

… So said Don when he walked into the room the other night carrying a can of margarita mix. It had expired in… 2001! A year before we got married!  It’s been with us our entire marriage.  We moved the stupid thing!  I know I can be sentimental, but margarita mix?  yes, we threw it out.  If we are going to have a party that doesn’t include just kids, we will use new mix…

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